Leadership and Support Staff

Bisrat Abraham, MD, MPH
Principal Investigator
Director of Clinical Operations and Technical Assistance

COTA Administrative Special Assistant

Clinical Technical Assistance

Erica D'Aquila, MPH
Director of Clinical Operations
Julie Anne Bell, MPH
Program Manager of Clinical Operations
Zeenath Rehana, MPH
Quality Improvement Advisor
Craig Hayes, MPH
Provider Specialist

Training and Technical Assistance Program

Andrea Blair-Dawson, MPH, EdD
T-TAP Director, Subject Matter Expert/Trainer
Robert Jones, MPH
Subject Matter Expert/Trainer
Andre M. Titus Jr., BS
Senior Trainer
Linda Joyner, MS
Senior Trainer
Wendy Ledesma, MPH
Subject Matter Expert/Trainer
Jill Williams, BA
Care Trainer
Amanda R. Raker, MPH
Content Tailoring Specialist

Capacity Building Assistance Provider Network

Melanie Graham, MSW
CBA Project Director
Moya Brown-Lopez, MPH, MCHES
CBA Manager
Gabriella Hermosi, MPH
CBA Project Coordinator
Michael Diaz, MA
CBA Specialist

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Katherine King, MPH
Director of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation
Renee James, MPH
Program and Evaluation Specialist
Daniel Bertolino, MPH
Evaluation Specialist
Jeff Oshins, MPH
Website Coordinator
Felicia Lee
Administrative Assistant

Additional Specialist and Training Staff

Madeleine Colon, BS
Subject Matter Expert/Trainer
Ilona Gale, MPH
Director of the NYC Condom Availability Program

Jennifer D. Medina Matsuki, MPH, CHES
Director of Social Marketing and Community Engagement

Robert Zielony, PhD
Director of Special Projects, Subject Matter Expert/Trainer